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The Twins Blogosphere as a Batting Order | September

“What would a batting order of Twins blogs look like?”
- Jesse Lund, TwinkieTown

TwinkieTown's Jesse Lund posed this question the other day, and I'm going to take the bait. Hitting the Foul Pole lined up several Twins bloggers into the ideal pitching staff, and now I'm going to take a stab at arranging a batting order.

I'll be the bat-boy. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a tour of some of the best and brightest minds in the Twins' blogosphere!

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1) Twinkie Town, CF
Comparable: Austin Jackson

In this league, few can cover as much territory as Lund's team of fan-experts. From Jesse to Adam to James to Stu and the rest, this blog can cover with supreme quality and alacrity just about any topic hit their way, exactly what is needed of a center fielder.

Twinkie Town also boasts rapid-fire responses to any issue at any time of day or night. There is no shortage of content on this blog; the ball is always being put into play.

2) Aaron Gleeman, LF
Comparable: Carl Crawford

This player is arguably the most recognized outside of the organization. Gleeman provides doses of Twins information on a very regular basis, and his high on-base percentage makes him an ideal candidate for the second position in the batting order.

Like the lead-off batter, Gleeman covers plenty of territory in the outfield. From Twins notes to pop culture check-ins, Gleeman probably has the defensive skills required for center field, but a healthy slugging percentage (the occasional statistical analysis) shifts him over to a corner.

3) Nick's Twins Blog, 2B
Comparable: Chase Utley

Nick's Twins Blog has a vast arsenal of abilities. While playing good defense, this player also has an impressive bat that has connected for plenty of home runs over the years. This astute defender doesn't just provide power, though, as few boast Nick's Twins Blog's consistency in getting on base. With the bases loaded in the ninth inning, there aren't many players you would rather have at the plate.

In fact, Nick's Twins Blog was recognized with an MVP award recently, as this blog was inducted into Rob Neyer's Sweetspot network. Higher praise is hard to come by, and Nick's Twins Blog joins the elite pantheon of excellent baseball blogs.

4) Twins Geek, DH
Comparable: Jim Thome

The Twins Geek is the grand-daddy of all Twins blogs, and few know the league better. He doesn't post as frequently as he did several years ago, but when he manages to hit that “Publish” button, the ball is likely going to be hit out of the park.

With a long Twins' blog feed located right beside his content, the Twins Geek is nothing if not a team player. Dedicated to promoting others' content and determined to give fellow players a platform for their work, the Twins Geek is a fabulous clubhouse presence.

5) Seth Speaks, SS
Comparable: Derek Jeter

There is perhaps no one who works harder than this veteran middle infielder. Always getting on base, Seth Speaks can be found on just about everywhere on just about every platform. From books to chats to podcasts to regular, everyday blogging, Seth Speaks is a legend among Twins bloggers, and across the league.

Always organizing other bloggers in various functions and defensive alignments, Seth Speaks is the go-to guy for information on anything related to the Twins.

6) Over The Baggy, 1B
Comparable: Adam Dunn

This player does one thing very well: hit the ball a long way. Over the Baggy is one of the best in the league in the statistical analysis department, and few can rival his baseball acumen. Though he may not be too concerned about things like defense and the non-nerdy side of baseball, this player is obviously a crucial element of the lineup.

7) Twinkie Talk, RF
Comparable: Hunter Pence

Though this player is relatively unknown, he remains an offensive force that makes this lineup better. Since bringing on additional help, this blog has produced no shortage of intelligent, humorous, and very readable posts on the Twins, and the AL Central. Twinkie Talk may not be considered “main stream” quite yet, but it certainly deserves to be.

8) Babes Love Baseball, C
Comparable: Yadier Molina

This blog may not be on the traditional fan's radar, but it certainly provides value to the batting order as a whole. While most look at over-used offensive statistics like batting average and runs-batted-in, this player contributes to the lineup in a unique style that few can match.

A run saved is as good as run earned, and what this blog lacks in stats and graphs it makes up for in just about everything else.

9) Fanatic Jack Talks Twins, 3B
Comparable: Nick Punto

No one seems to like this infielder, but Fanatic Jack certainly contributes to the Twins' Blogosphere team in his own special way. Always a controversial topic, this player produces content that gets read, no matter how few fans he has. Who cares about popularity if you're getting the job done?