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Nick Punto Day Entries | February

This is where the fun of Nick Punto Day will really be held.

As a way to keep track of the dozens of blog entries regarding our favorite 5'9'', 170 lb., scrappy infielder, I ask that all who have access to Twitter post the link to their blogs along with the #NickPuntoDay hashtag. (If you don't have a Twitter account and have no interest in creating one, feel free to email me your story and I'll link to it below.)

Again, please Tweet the links to your stories with "#NickPuntoDay" included somewhere in the tweet. By using those magic words, your tweet will find its way to the box I have created below.

The purpose of this Nick Punto Day is to learn from and about other Twins' bloggers. Feel free to browse through the tweets below, and try to read them all!