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2010 MLB Preview | April

Today is Prediction Day in the Twins' Blogosphere. Hosted by Josh Johnson, many Twins bloggers will dedicate this day to bringing you their thoughts on the upcoming 2010 season.

I wrapped up my journey across the league a few days ago, so I thought it apt to conclude with a hub for all of the predictions I made along the way. Below you can find six tables with my predicted order of finish. The link to the lengthy write-ups on each division can be accessed by clicking on the division name. Below the divisional previews, I will predict some Twins-related stuff, along with some bold predictions for the rest of the league. Enjoy!

AL East

New York Yankees

104 58
Boston Red Sox 96 66
Tampa Bay Rays 90 72
Baltimore Orioles 74 88
Toronto Blue Jays 67 95

AL Central

Minnesota Twins

90 72
Detroit Tigers
89 73
Chicago White Sox
89 73
Cleveland Indians
79 83
Kansas City Royals
72 90





AL West

Los Angeles Angels

92 70
Seattle Mariners
90 72
Texas Rangers
89 73
Oakland Athletics
75 87

NL East

Philadelphia Phillies

95 67
Atlanta Braves
90 72
Washington Nationals
79 83
New York Mets
75 87
Florida Marlins
73 89

NL Central

St. Louis Cardinals

93 69
Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds
83 79
Milwaukee Brewers
82 80
Houston Astros
74 88
Pittsburgh Pirates
68 94






NL West

Colorado Rockies

90 72
Los Angeles Dodgers
87 75
Arizona Diamondbacks
82 80
San Francisco Giants
70 92



Twins-Specific Predictions
Twins MVP: Denard Span
Twins Top Pitcher: Scott Baker
Twins Best Rookie: Danny Valencia
Twins Most Improved Player: JJ Hardy

Three Bold Predictions for MLB in 2010
Legitimate Cy Young candidate: Brett Anderson
Deals with injuries most of season: Jake Peavy
Most Impressive Rookie: Scott Sizemore