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Must-Read: TwinsCentric | October
Twins Centric

Not every fanbase can claim a blogosphere with as high quality journalism as the Minnesota Twins boast. It's no secret that there are some very bright minds on the other side of your computer monitor. When they speak, we all generally listen.

When four speak, we know to expect top-notch content. John Bonnes, Seth Stohs, Parker Hageman, and Nick Nelson don't disappoint.

TwinsCentric is, to the best of my knowledge, the first of its kind. Geared entirely towards the fans, these four brilliant bloggers joined forces to produce a book that instantly becomes a must-read for Twins' fans of all kinds.

From the book:

"It's the quintessential meme of sports fans everywhere: I could do that guy's job. In an age where information and statistics are abundantly available to just about everyone, second-guessing of managers and front office personal has become second-nature for most avid baseball followers. Well, now it's time to put your money where your mouth is: consider yourself hired."

Why are you still here? Be off now; go buy the book and support four of the best Twins' bloggers in the biz! Even if you can't afford the $10, there is a free download of 1/3 of the book at TwinsCentric.com.


(Boring, and probably unnecessary legal drivel: The FTC released an update to their "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising" for the first time since 1980. Included in the update is an ominous threat to "bloggers" who do not disclose whether or not they are being paid to write a review. I wasn't "paid," per say, but John did give me a free copy of the book to review. I obviously would have bought the book if I didn't already have a copy. You probably didn't need to know that -- (if I find the FTC is reading this blog, I don't know if I'd be stoked or upset) -- but I really don't want to be fined $11,000. Just covering my bases.)